Checkout McBrown’s Reaction After Onua TV Showtime Studio Got Burnt

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In a shocking turn of events, the studio used for Nana Ama Mcbrown’s new show on Onua TV was destroyed by fire.

The incident occurred in Accra yesterday at Media General’s premises, causing a widespread panic among staff and residents of the area.

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Fortunately, firefighters at the headquarters substation reacted quickly to the scene, holding back the fire and preventing it from spreading to the surrounding buildings.

Although parts of the reception area were set on fire, firefighters were able to save the main area of the studio and the behind the scenes.

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While most fans expect a message from Mcbrown about the incident, the talented actress shared a video of Kelvyn Boy’s #verochallenge with Article Wan.

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The message was shared just an hour after the fire report.

Internet users who came across the post ask if all is well with the lead actress because they expected an official statement from her about the unfortunate problem and not a continuous song challenge.

Checkout McBrown’s Reaction After Onua TV Showtime Studio Got Burnt

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