I Did Not Collapse, Ignore The Rumours – GWR Barima Kaakyire Agyemang

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Ghanaian broadcaster Barima Kaakyire Agyemang, who recently attempted to break the world record for the longest interview by one person, has urged the public to ignore rumors that he collapsed during the exercise.

I Did Not Collapse, Ignore The Rumours – GWR Barima Kaakyire Agyemang

Rumors swirled on social media that he had collapsed during a marathon interview, forcing him to end his record-breaking attempt sooner than he indicated.

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Speaking to Daakyehene Ofosu Agyeman on Adinkra Radio in New York, Barima Kaakyire Agyemang explained that his medical team advised him not to continue at some point.

He stressed that the decision to halt the effort was not due to health risks associated with hours of lectures, but was based on medical expert advice.

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Barima Kaakyire Agyemang
Barima Kaakyire Agyemang

“I’m not paralyzed as some people say; nothing happened to me. I’m in perfect shape. As soon as I finished my record-breaking efforts on the spot, I went straight to my hotel room and went to bed. I finished around midnight, and at 6 a.m. I was asked to go downstairs, where I met my medical team.

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“My vitals were checked, my weight and blood sugar levels were good, so I went back to my hotel room. Then, my medical team thought it prudent to issue a press release letting the public know that I had ceased my attempts to break out.” the record.” for many people had decided to come to the scene on Sunday to help. I am fine, very healthy and moving,” Barima Kaakyire Agyemang said.

And he added: “I heard I was put in an ambulance, but it’s not true; I went into my hotel room alone. I stayed in the hotel I was staying in until yesterday, Easter Monday, when I left.” ” . The doctors believed that, considering how I felt, it would have been injurious to my health to have been allowed to continue; hence they advised me to desist from the attempt.”

Emmanuel Agyemang surpassed the previous record of 37 hours, 44 minutes and 17 seconds with a stunning interview of 43 hours, 54 minutes and 23 seconds.

He revealed that his team is now gathering evidence to submit to Guinness World Records for verification.

Barima Kaakyire Agyemang hopes his team will get an answer from Guinness World Records in the next 12 weeks.

“Once I get the certificate, I’ll try to beat my record. I’ve got enough experience and I’m confident I can do more hours of interviewing than I did.” he showed it.

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