Any Lady Who Asks Her Boyfriend For Transport Money Is Useless – Popular Prophetess States

A famous Nigerian prophetess, Mrs Mildred Kingsley Okwonko has contended that any woman who requests transport money from her guy is useless.

As per the prophetess, any woman who’s genuinely inspired by a person won’t ever ask him for a transport toll prior to visiting him.

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While conveying a message, Minister Mildred prompted men never to wed languid and broke ladies since they are liabilities.

Without beating around the bush, Minister Mildred completely expressed that main futile women ask their sweethearts for transport charges.

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This assertion from Minister Mildred has led to a hot discussion piece on the web.

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Most women via online entertainment have excused the declaration that main futile ladies request transport admissions.

In our region of the planet, most women expect they are helping their guys out by visiting them – Subsequently most demand transportation toll prior to moving an inch from their homes.

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