Afua Asantewaa Team Drops New Update For Ghanaians

Good news from a very close source is that national heroine Afua Asantewaa and her team of lawyers have submitted their evidence of her attempt at sing-a-thon to Guinness World Records.

Afua Asantewaa Team Drops New Update For Ghanaians

Here are the steps Afua Asantewaa and her team took to provide their evidence to Guinness World Records.

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1. Guide to Your Evidence.
2. Cover letter template.
3. Witness statement template.
4. Timekeeper statement template.
5. Steward statement template.
6. Endurance marathon log book template.
7. Collection Record Inventory.

Guide To Evidence

This document contains all the important information needed to prepare you for collecting and presenting your evidence.

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It contains information about witnesses, timekeepers, stewards and the use of logbooks. It also includes tips for producing better video and photographic evidence.

Cover Letter Template

A cover letter is required for All files. This is your chance to give Guinness World Records a clear overview of your record attempt.

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This is a final summary before you submit your evidence as it will provide a roadmap for our case management team as they evaluate the accompanying evidence.

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Witness Statement

Afua Asantewaa

At least two witnesses are required for each recording attempt. Witnesses must complete this statement.

Timekeeper Statement Template

For registrations with time limits or based on speed, the presence of timekeepers is required. Timekeepers must complete these declarations

Steward Statement Template

For record mass participation, we ask stewards to guide groups of up to 50 participants. The commissioners must complete these declarations.

Endurance Marathon Log Template

This model only applies to “longest marathon” records. For all other records that require logs, you must create your own logs.

Correction Record Template

Afua Asantewaa

This template must be completed when evaluating and counting a collection. It ensures that all important details related to each item are captured. Please complete this document in full if you are attempting to make a direct debit registration.

We hope that Afua Asantewaa and Ghana as a whole will emerge victorious after providing all the above information to Guinness World Records.

The current world record holder for the longest singing marathon (sing-a-thon) in the Guinness Book of Records is Indian Sunil Waghmare, who set a record of 105 hours in 2012.

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