Ghanaian Activist Abubakar Tahiru Hugs Over 1,100 Trees In An Hour To Set GWR

A Ghanaian environmental activist and forestry student has set a new world record for the most trees hugged in one hour.

Ghanaian Activist Abubakar Tahiru Hugs Over 1,100 Trees In An Hour To Set GWR

Abubakar Tahiru, 29, hugged a total of 1,123 trees, averaging nearly 19 minutes.

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Abubakar grew up in a farming community in Tepa, Ghana, where he was interested in nature and its conservation.

After completing his Masters in Forestry at one of Ghana’s top universities, Abubakar moved to Alabama, USA last year to start his Masters in Forestry at Auburn University.

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His record attempt took place in the Tuskegee National Forest, one of four national forests in the wooded state of Alabama.

In this record, a hug means wrapping both hands around a tree in a tight embrace. No tree may be hugged more than once, and no damage may be caused to a tree under penalty of abandoning the attempt.

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Abubakar says the hardest part of the record attempt was moving quickly through the trees to ensure each hug met the required standards. He also found the repetitive motion of hugging quite tiring.

What made his record attempt even more difficult was that he was fasting during Ramadan and therefore could not consume water.

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“Not drinking water throughout the attempt was a significant challenge, especially given the physical exertion required,” Abubakar said.

Abubakar Tahiru
Abubakar Tahiru

“However, this also turned out to be useful in some ways, as there was no need to take water breaks, so I was able to continue the business uninterrupted from start to finish.”

Averaging a hug every three seconds, Abubakar easily surpassed the minimum requirement of 700 to become the first holder of this record.

“Achieving this world record is incredibly rewarding,” he said.

“It is a significant gesture to emphasize the central role of trees in our ecosystem and the urgency of environmental protection.”

Having achieved this world record, Abubakar now plans to deepen his involvement in forestry by developing sustainable practices and partnering with environmental organizations to promote sustainable projects.

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