Why Is Salinko Trending? What We Know So Far

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Actor Abraham Davis, better known as “Salinko,” said a man showed up unexpectedly to demand his ex-fiancee and her 3-month-old baby.

In an interview on Emelia Brobbey’s “Okukuseku” program, Salinko recalled how she invested resources from the pregnancy stage to the months after the baby’s birth, only for a random man to show up and ask for the child.

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Salinko emphasized the shame she felt during this time and added that the ex in question was someone all her co-workers knew and they had been together for years.

“A woman I dated for a while got pregnant. This wasn’t her first pregnancy. We left the first, we kept the second. She gave birth and I took care of the child, fulfilling my responsibilities as a father should.

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“Suddenly someone reveals that the child is his. This woman is someone everyone around me knows. All my colleagues knew her, but they didn’t know that I wasn’t the only person she was dating.

“I couldn’t think clearly. I sent her and the child away from home. I was in Accra when I received a call that the man had arrived at my home in Kumasi. I took the next available flight to Kumasi and asked them to leave my house before I arrived,” he said bitterly.

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Salinko, who recently remarried after a failed marriage and a series of other failed relationships, said such experiences have now led her to become more strict.

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He said his new wife had to put up with a different side of him and it wasn’t his fault.

“If you ask my wife now, she’ll tell you I’m a tough guy. I have become very strict and cautious, my wife also complains about this, but there is nothing I can do. “They say we should let go of our past, but sometimes we need to learn from it,” he added.

Salinko’s Recent Breakup

The Kumawood actor recently revealed that his wife divorced him because she was fed up with him.

He made headlines in 2017 when he announced his marriage and posted a photo of him and his wife and was widely praised for finding a beautiful wife, but his joy was cut short by his wife’s decision .

In a previous interview with Poleenu Multimedia, Salinko revealed that his wife told him that she was tired of marriage and that this decision had caused many health problems that affected his work.

“The lady just said she was fed up, we went to the father’s house, and the father said he could see his daughter was fed up; no one mistreated him or did anything.

“I almost went crazy, but I had to get through it because in the beginning, when I went to the market to sell, I could stand there for a while until someone touched me before I don’t become embarrassed. “Yes, a lady can say she’s fed up for no reason,” he said.

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