Stonebwoy Among Other Songs Removed From Tiktok Permanently

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If you create content and are probably a fan of Stonebwoy, you may no longer be able to use songs under the Universal Music Group label on TikTok. All existing videos containing UMG music will be disabled or deleted. Find out why below.

Stonebwoy Among Other Songs Removed From Tiktok Permanently

The two companies were unable to agree on a new deal on how much TikTok should pay UMG for use of its music. UMG therefore decided to source the entire catalog of songs from TikTok, mainly for three crucial reasons:

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  • Appropriate compensation for their artists and songwriters.
  • Protecting human artists from the harmful effects of AI.
  • Online safety for TikTok’s users

According to DTS Africa, UMG claims that TikTok is not paying fairly for its music and that it is trying to build a music-based business without properly compensating artists and songwriters.

UMG also accuses TikTok of trying to bully them into getting a bad deal, and of not respecting their copyrights. Essentially, they’re saying that TikTok only makes up about 1% of total revenue, which shows how little TikTok pays for its music.

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TikTok denies UMG’s allegations and finds it sad and disappointing that UMG put its own greed ahead of the interests of its artists and songwriters. TikTok argued that it had artist-driven deals with every other label and publisher and that UMG’s actions were not in the best interest of artists, songwriters and fans.

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In its defense, TikTok also claims that it is a free vehicle for promoting and discovering UMG talent and that it has one billion users who love and support the music.

In short, if you’re a content creator, you’ll have fewer music options to choose from when creating your videos. You will also miss some viral trends and challenges based on UMG’s song (e.g. Apotheke, Into the Future, etc.). You may also lose or watch some of your favorite videos with UMG Music. muted or deleted from TikTok.

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