Shane Mark Tull : The Mental Health Pandemic Book Launched

Shane Mark Tull, a clinical psychotherapist and international mental health specialist, has officially launched a new Mental Health Pandemic book

The book, titled Mental Health Pandemic : Be Gentle on Yourself, was officially launched on February 2nd in Accra, Ghana.

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The program began with a screening of a wealthy mental health documentary, after which people took turns sharing their standpoint on mental health and how they understand it.

Shane Mark Tull took the stage to officially commence his new book, ‘Mental Health Pandemic : Be Gentle on Yourself,’ articulating his reason for authoring the book and comparing his community to Ghana’s.

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He went on to explain how he made the book straightforward for everybody who reads it to understand because it focuses on his work as a professional and the expectations that everyone has of people in his industry.

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“Self-care is essential, and mental health must begin with us first,” he finished his address.

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Dignitaries at the book launch took turns presenting their views on Shane Mark Tull’s newly released book, ‘Mental Health Pandemic : Be Gentle on Yourself,’ with one speaking on the lack of mental health services in Ghana and his desire to raise awareness that mental health is critical, putting the documentary on an infograph to ensure information is shared evenly.

Shane Mark Tull, inspired by the perspectives and contributions made by dignitaries and attendees at his book launch, noted that ‘Mental Health Pandemic : Be Gentle on Yourself’ is a gift to humility and Africa.

He also highlighted plans to engage and reach out to religious organizations and leaders about the significance of having a thorough understanding of mental health.

Shane Mark Tull climaxed the book launch by inspiring listeners to find peace in the little things they do and to prioritize themselves because no one does it better than them.

He ended by saying; “Be intentional about who and what you want to become because dreams never expire.”

About Shane Mark Tull

Shane Mark Tull is a clinical psychotherapist, consultant, and life coach dedicated to promoting humanity’s psychosocial growth in both people and society. Mr. Tull has extensive clinical and intercultural professional experience dealing with critical groups.

Mr. Tull brings a specific competency to address these issues. Being Guyanese and having worked in Guyana for the last eight years as a clinical consultant for the CDC and USAID, he is convinced that his professional and personal commitment to this issue will be of value to your organization.

Mr. Tull was a member of the USAID/JSI/APC team bringing his experience to APC Guyana, providing capacity and clinical counseling competencies to support testing, linkage to treatment, and viral suppression for key populations in Guyana. He also addresses issues of mental health as they relate to depression and suicide. His clinical expertise has been demonstrated at the Center for Disease Control Mental Health initiative providing positive clinical outcomes as the Mental Health Expert in the PUSH program in Guyana.

Mr Tull has excessively demonstrated his expertise in program planning and team building. He has the organizational skills to build a frontline staff, the capacity to define your mission statement and bring it forward clearly and the ability to attract the most suitable candidates for your institutions.

Shane Mark Tull

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