Must Read: Young Man Narrates How He Ended Up Licking Bl0@0d And Worms For Money

A young man who’s name has been with-held has made a shocking revelation which has gone viral on the internet.

The young man in the revelation, claimed to have licked ladies to survive as his family doesn’t have enough so thats the only way he survives.

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Revealing his deadly act, the guy in a statement said, he had been booked to go and lick a lady when he received a call from another lady who was willing to pay huge sum of money to him.

So he had to cancel the appointment with the first lady and focus on the second because the money sounded huge to him and he had to work for two days before getting that sum of money.

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He therefore scheduled to meet this lady at around 7 but he got there 30 minutes before the time and never expected to have seen such a beautiful and a young customer like her.

Narrating the story, this young guy followed the lady to her building and started asking her if she stayed alone, but he had to focus more on the reason why he was there.

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I could earn up to 1000 cedis for just licking two women at night and i mostly go for old women because they pay good, he said.

The young guy added that after sometime of action, he noticed a strong smell from the lady’s kingdom but didn’t mind because thats his job.

He said the smell hit his nose again so he had to stop, the moment he stopped he noticed something crawling around his mouth so he used his hand to check what was it.

I saw something like a small worm we mostly see on toilet and on bl0@0d, he said. Adding to it, i vomited that moment in her room.

She proceeded telling me i needed money so i should sacrifice for that but when i told her i didn’t want the money she told me once i have started i can’t stop and if i do i will die, the young man narrated.

He lastly added that, the lady made him continue to lick the bl0@0d and worms for one hour and paid him 4000 cedis instead of 2000.

He concluded by seeking for help as he has been actively vomiting for two weeks now anytime something enters his mouth.

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