Israel Is Launching Bomb And Not Bible, I Will Have A Gun For Safety – Rev Obofour


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Rev Obofour, the globally controversial pastor and founder of the Blessed Palace Chapel (APC), has revealed that he plans to buy a gun for self-defense even after Israel retaliated with a bomb and not the Bible.

Addressing his congregation in a video shared by Amazing TV on its YouTube channel and seen by GhanaWeb, Pastor Obofour spoke about the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.

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He said that although Israel is a holy state, it still retaliates by firing missiles at its enemies.

“Israel knew there was a possibility of a missile attack, so they made preparations. When they were attacked, they did not retaliate by throwing Bibles at them,” he added.

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He also questioned the propriety of praying in the name of the God of Israel and suggested that Ghanaians should pray more in the name of the God of Ghana.

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“Maybe we should no longer pray in the name of the God of Israel, but in the name of the God of Ghana,” he said.

He said that having explosives for self-defense was more important than fasting and praying, and that he would look for a job after fasting because it would earn him money.

“Also, if the Israelis have landmines, after the fast I will look for a job because it brings in money,” he said.

He concluded that he would also buy weapons for his own protection and build longer and higher gates for better protection.

“If there are mines in Israel, then I will have weapons to protect myself. I will also build longer and higher gates for better security,” he said.

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