I Know A Lot Of People Who Used Hajia4Real’s Pictures To Scam But I Can’t Speak – Showboy

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Sam Safo Jr., better known as Showboy, spoke about the arrest of Hajia4Real.

I Know A Lot Of People Who Used Hajia4Real’s Pictures To Scam But I Can’t Speak – Showboy

Showboy, who claims to have extensive information about the Hajia4Real affair and the circumstances leading to his arrest, claims to now be paying the price for a crime she did not commit.

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Ensuring Hajia4Real’s innocence, the 2hype Gang boss said the trial in court would be a “long battle”, adding that her identity is being used to deceive several people.

He said the magnitude of crimes Hajia4Reall’s pictures were used to commit and the number of perpetrators involved have made her case a more complicated one.

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“As a street boy, I know people are using Hajia4Reall’s picture to browse (scam people). Plenty of guys used her pictures to make money and she doesn’t even know anything about it. That one alone has given her a big case. She is pretty and everything pretty online is used by people to make money. I was in pain when I heard about her case because it looked complicated. Because I know a lot of things and I can’t speak on it. The girl had a bright future,” he stated in a video captured on Snapchat.

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But Showboy, a former American prisoner, was skeptical about enrolling Hajia in English classes before the trial.

All he needs from her is an interpreter.

“Nobody is going to take you to school in America just because you can’t speak English in court. If you can’t speak English or don’t understand, you ask for a translator!! The American judiciary doesn’t care about beauty and the beast. Is black and white.”

It can be recalled that Showboy was one of the first to announce the news of the arrest and extradition of Hajia4Real in 2022, before the FBI updated its website.

After this revelation, he clashed with blogger Hajia4Real GHyper, who vehemently denied the claims at the time.

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