God Didn’t Create Me And I Don’t Believe In Him Aswell – Mzbel Son Reveals


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God didn’t create me and i don’t believe in him aswell because he doesn’t do anything for me – Mzbel Son Reveals in a new interview.

Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, famously known as Mzbel, is a Ghanaian Hiplife craftsman. She is the Chief of Mzbel Music, Bel Gathering, Bel Eye Media and others. Mzbel is a radio moderator and an entertainer, having showed up in a few motion pictures. She is a worldwide diplomat for individuals with incapacities.

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In a recent interview, her son,Nana Kwame Adepa Gyasi known as Okomfo Black by many has made a shocking revelation about his religious life at such a tender age.

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Being asked the meaning of his name Okomfo by the host of the show Bra Emma, the 10 year old boy said yes it means a priest and he’s comfortable with that name, meanwhile he’s not a christian he said.

I don’t believe Jesus Christ died for our sins and I just don’t want to believe it because i pour libation to my ancestors and I don’t actually think he died for any sins and if he is the Almighty he shouldn’t have made sin exist, Okomfo Black said.

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Watch full interview below:

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