Does DistroKid Actually Deletes Your Music?

Does DistroKid Actually Deletes Your Music?

Yes, DistroKid does delete your songs after your subscription ends. Upon termination or non-renewal, DistroKid removes your music from all streaming platforms, leaving your hard work and creativity in jeopardy.

This policy has resulted in frustrations among artists who fear losing their songs forever.

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However, it is crucial to note that DistroKid’s music deletion policy should not be seen as inherently negative. The platform caters to independent musicians who often require flexibility and affordability.

DistroKid’s model allows artists to maintain control over their music while offering a budget-friendly subscription fee. Nonetheless, the risk of losing your music at the end of your subscription poses a legitimate concern.

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Why Choose Trust Music?

Between DistroKid and Trust Music, Trust Music emerges as the best solution for safeguarding your music. Here’s why:

Music Preservation: Trust Music is committed to keeping your songs safe, even after your subscription ends. Unlike DistroKid, Trust Music secures your music indefinitely, preserving your creative works and ensuring they remain accessible to your audience.

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Extensive Distribution Network: Trust Music boasts an extensive distribution network, ensuring that your music reaches a wide range of streaming platforms, including major players such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. This maximizes your reach and potential for exposure.

Personalized Customer Support: Trust Music places great emphasis on personalized customer support. Their team is dedicated to assisting you throughout your music distribution journey, ensuring prompt replies to your queries and providing guidance whenever needed.

Royalty Collection: With Trust Music, you benefit from efficient and transparent royalty collection. You can rest assured that your hard-earned revenue is accurately tracked and promptly distributed to you, empowering you to continue creating and sharing your art.

Competitive Pricing: Trust Music offers competitive pricing plans, catering to different artist needs and budgets. They provide a variety of subscription options, allowing you to choose the plan that suits you best while ensuring your music remains safe and accessible even if you decide to discontinue the subscription.

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Q: Can I retrieve my music from DistroKid after my subscription ends? 

Unfortunately, once your subscription with DistroKid ends, your music is deleted from all streaming platforms. It is advised to backup your files and masters elsewhere for future reference.

Q: Will my music be removed from streaming platforms if I switch from DistroKid to Trust Music?

No, if you choose to switch from DistroKid to Trust Music, your music will not be removed. Trust Music will handle the transition seamlessly and ensure your songs continue to be available across streaming platforms.

Q: Is Trust Music compatible with different genres of music?

Yes, Trust Music caters to artists of all genres. From hip-hop to classical music, Trust Music embraces diversity and supports a wide range of musical styles.

Does DistroKid actually delete your music? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. While DistroKid serves as a popular music distribution platform, it falls short in terms of preserving your music once your subscription ends.

To avoid the risk of losing your songs forever, Trust Music emerges as the superior alternative.

Trust Music not only promises to safeguard your music indefinitely but also provides a comprehensive range of services that cater to independent artists’ needs. From extensive distribution networks to personalized customer support and transparent royalty collection, Trust Music offers a holistic solution to musicians looking to share their music globally.

Don’t let your creative efforts go to waste. Choose Trust Music, the platform that truly values and protects your artistic integrity. Keep your music alive and thriving with Trust Music today!

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