Cecilia Dapaah’s Former Maid Among 6 Other’s Rearrested


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Cecilia Dapaah’s Former Maid, Patience Botwe and six others have been slapped with 31 fresh charges moments after they were rearrested upon being discharged by the Circuit Court.

The prosecutor released an amended document on August 8 that lists about 14 claims against the defendants for $1 million and 300,000 euros and other assets worth millions of Ghana cedis for stealing from Cecilia Dapaahany.

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In court on Wednesday, November 8, state prosecutors led by Akosua Agyepomaa Agyemang withdrew the amended case following a fresh application to the High Court.

“The Republic seeks to drop all charges against the accused before this court on August 8, 2023, under Article 59 of the Penal Code and other offenses.

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Akosua Agyepomaa Agyemang prayed the court that “the Republic has filed a fresh application before the Supreme Court and we humbly pray for the dismissal of all charges against the accused.”

Honorable Justice Afia Owusuaa Appiah, after hearing the arguments of the State Prosecutor, held that “the case filed on August 8 continues where it is withdrawn and the accused released.”

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The court told the defendants: “You have the right to go home.” There are no matter before me”

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Murtala Inusah, EIB Network representative in charge of legal affairs, reported that after leaving the facility, they were rearrested, handcuffed and carried away.

New accusations

The latest charged sheet filed at the High Court preferred some 31 counts, eight more than the 14 that were on the amended charged sheet which was withdrawn on Wednesday at the Circuit Court.

The 31 new charges include five counts of conspiracy, six counts of theft, nine counts of dishonesty and 11 counts of money laundering.

Patience Botwe, 18, and seven others were accused of stealing a large sum of money, including $1 million, 300,000 euros and other property.

They were produced in the district court on July 6 as the investigation continues.

Patience Botwe (18 years old), hairdresser and Sarah Agyei (30 years old), unemployed, Benjamin Sowah (29 years old), plumber, Malik Dauda (34 years old), unemployed, Christiana Achab, businessman, Job Pomary, engineer , and Yahaya Sumaila, minor… . , was initially charged with 14 counts before being released.



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