Biography Of Bobby The Blogger: Age, Early Life And Influences

Overview Of The Blogger’s Rise To Celebrity Status

Meet Bobby Amoah, the driving force behind the renowned brand, Bobby The Blogger. Since initiating his blogging journey in 2020, Bobby has become a notable figure, establishing a prominent portal on the Ghanaweb reporter page, AfricaCNNnews.

His primary platform,, serves as a hub for diverse content. Born on May 14, 2001, Bobby hails from Michel Camp, Ghana, and stands as a beacon in the blogging landscape.

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With six siblings, he navigates the digital realm while maintaining a mysterious net worth. As of 2023, Bobby remains single, dedicated to his craft.

Biography Of Bobby The Blogger: Age, Early Life And Influences

Brief Background On Early Life And Influences

Educationally grounded, Bobby traversed his academic journey through Michel Camp ‘2’ Junior High School, Odorgonno Senior High School, and the University of Cape Coast. His early experiences shaped his commitment to nurturing talent, initially as a music promoter assisting aspiring artists. Beyond the spotlight, Bobby provided guidance to budding bloggers and carved out a niche in building social media presence for brands.

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Early Years In Blogging

Embarking on his journey with a brief stint in the music scene as Swizz Brown, Bobby’s pivot to blogging was driven by a desire to support emerging musicians. Recognizing the challenges faced by aspiring artists, he redirected his energy to amplify their voices through his blogging platform. This shift in focus also stemmed from a personal connection – the desire to uplift his brother, Jah Pee Ashmoney Boi (Solomon Amoah).

Bobby Amoah’s foray into blogging wasn’t merely a career change; it was a strategic move to empower and uplift the talents around him. He swiftly built his brand, leveraging digital marketing strategies and honing website development skills. As the architect of his success, Bobby The Blogger stands as a testament to resilience, digital prowess, and a passion for fostering growth in the digital landscape.

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Niche And Content

Collaborations And Notable Projects

Despite facing initial challenges, Bobby The Blogger strategically built brand awareness which led to breakthrough moments. In 2023, the impact of his efforts marked a turning point in his journey.

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Personal Branding


Under the umbrella of “Bobby The Blogger,” the multifaceted individual has evolved into a Blogger and Event Content Promoter and Creator, showcasing versatility in both written and visual content.

Bobby has been able to develop a unique online presence by effectively using social media. Through blogging and video creation, he has been able to engage with audiences successfully. This venture has not only been rewarding professionally but has also opened doors for personal success, contributing positively to both aspects of Bobby’s life.

Overcoming self-funding challenges and assembling a dedicated crew were significant triumphs. The investment in the venture has proven worthwhile, with millions reached globally, 20,000+ daily website reads, and over 20 million weekly social media views.

Interacting in a friendly manner, Bobby The Blogger has successfully cultivated a loyal fan base, fostering a strong and supportive community around his content.

With a composed demeanor, Bobby navigates controversies and criticism adeptly, ensuring a harmonious relationship with his audience.

Bobby Amoah has made significant contributions to research and has been published on other prominent blogs across Africa.

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