Monday, March 20, 2023

Horrifying Moment Son Beats Father For Bringing Sidechick Into Their House Pops Up

A horrifying video that is making the rounds on the internet shows a raged son beating his father mercilessly for letting his side chick into their home while his mother was away.

The young man brutally flogging his elderly father, who is thought to be in his early 70s, with two canes in his left hand is captured on video.

People can be seen in the video trying to stop him from hurting his father, but they were unable to stop him because the son kept raising his canes to hit the poor man in the body.

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As can be seen in the video, the father felt so helpless that, rather than attempting to respond, he was forced to run into his room on his back.

People who have seen this disheartening video on social media have come to the conclusion that the man has cursed himself because it is wrong for a child to hit their parents.

There is nothing in the universe that can be used to justify a son attacking his biological father, according to many.

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