Sunday, March 19, 2023

God Is Going To Resurrect Christian Atsu – Church Deacon Reveals

After declaring that God will raise the late Christian Atsu from the dead, a Tamale-based church deacon has caused a stir on social media.

Christian Atsu, a player for Newcastle, died a week ago after being struck by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Turkey. In addition to killing over 10,000 people, the earthquake injured thousands of others.

Deacon Francis Asare Amegavi, a Tamale, Northern Region resident, claimed that God asked him to tell Christian Atsu’s family that their loved one could be brought back to life during an interview on Ghana News YouTube.

The contemplative deacon asserts that God intends to demonstrate to those who are unrepentant throughout the world that he is real and all-powerful through Christian Atsu’s case.

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The deacon went on to say that God wants Ghanaians to pray for forgiveness and that the player will resume normal life as if nothing bad had happened.

“What he (God) has actually revealed to me is that he is going to show us glory by raising him, Atsu, from the dead, when we come together as a nation and pray for repentance.”

He stated, “I told a pastor about what God has told me, and he said that he also had a vision where Ghanaians were praying fervently in an open space with the late player lying in state.” He also told the pastor about what God had told him.

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