Monday, March 20, 2023

Clear story about the boy who poses as girl on Snapchat to milk men

A guy has been detained for posing as a girl on social media.

On social media, the guy poses as a girl, and hot guys message him to express their desire.

He met a guy on Snapchat, they fell in love, and he began sending him gifts.

So they got together during the Easter break in a restaurant in Accra, where they ate and had a good time.

He brought him home since he had a female to cut for Easter.

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They began their relationship, s/he gave him h****, and he chopped he/r from behind.

That’s when he realizes he’s a boy dressed as a girl, not a girl.

Video of the boy-girl being beaten by the guy and his companions before being taken to the police station.

The boys are lying about not knowing the crossdresser was a boy, according to social media users who have reacted to the footage.

They’re merely lying to hide their humiliation, according to social media users.

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