Record your man when he’s making promises during sex - Ghanaian actor advices women

Ghanaian actor, Michael Agyare, popularly known as Grandpa, has advised women to make a voice recording of their partners every time they are making such promises during sexual intercourse.

According to him, that is the only way women can avoid having long arguments with the man over his failure to fulfill the promise after the sexual intercourse. He said this during an interview with eTV Ghana’s Adwen the Love Doctor on the country’s favourite adult show, In Bed With Adwen.

“The kind of promises that we make during sex, especially when we’re cumming is scary so the best thing will be for the woman to record it and playback to us after we’ve cum. That is the only way to prevent the man from arguing with you for accusing him of making a promise he doesn’t remember”, the actor advised.

Grandpa sounded this advice per his own experience from the day he broke his virginity. He confessed that the woman gave him great sex and blow job so good that he found himself promising her all the proceeds from his then boss’ corn farm. He told Adwen that after the intercourse, he did not remember he had made that promise however, the woman kept pestering her for the money.