Meet Dorothy The Ghanaian Lady Who Is Making Chairs With Car Tyres [Photos]

There is nothing sweeter than being self employed and being your own boss. It is a nice feeling when you know you are not going to be ordered around by anyone.

Come to think of it, some youths feel discouraged when they becomes graduates without jobs. It even becomes more frustrating when you send in your qualifications and still there is no forthcoming job offer.

I'm here to tell you never to be discouraged because your talents can supply daily bread for you. This young lady known as Dorothy uses car tyres to make chairs and has gained a good reputation from people. 

Lots of people come to order from her and she's now making good money. 

Look at the lovely pictures below:

MESSAGE HER TO ORDER FOR YOURS NOW : +233 (0) 27 301 4263 /+233 (0)59 230 3901

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